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Bangladesh ECO CERAMICS project launching ceremony


Recently, the turn-key project---Eco Ceramics project jointly built by Xi'an Ruitai Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Mining Machinery Maike Building Materials Machinery Co., Ltd. entered the formal construction stage.

Eco Ceramics is part of the GPH Group of Bangladesh, the largest building material manufacturer in Bangladesh, with the top three cement manufacturing plants and the largest steel plants in Bangladesh, and the brickworks project currently under construction will also become Bangladesh-made. The largest and most industrialized brick factory.

The Eco Ceramics project uses an advanced secondary code burning process. The drying system uses automatic upper and lower frame and tunnel type single-layer drying system. The tunnel kiln with two 4.8-meter sections is equipped with an automatic pulverized coal combustion system. The entire brick making process is highly automated and controllable, and can simultaneously meet the demand for the production of ordinary bricks and high-grade bricks.

On March 31, 2019, the Ruitai Science and Technology Project Department officially entered the site and held a simple groundbreaking ceremony with Party A to formally take over the construction and management of the entire project.










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